Formula 1 Grand Prix™ TICKET RESELLERS


Select a Grand Prix
- Use the menu in the home page to select the race of your choice

Read the circuit description
- Check the circuit map
- Browse the grandstands
- Locate desired grandstand

Select your ticket category - Step 1
- Check prices
- Choose tickets 
- Add tickets to your cart
- Proceed to check out

Enter the shipping details - Step 2
- Fill in the address we should deliver the tickets to.

Choose payment method - Step 3
Click on place your order 
- Check Credit card details
- Insert your credit card number, expiration date and security code
- Submit your payment
- Complete transaction

Receiving your order
- After we have received your order you will receive a confirmation email.
- We will send you another email once the tickets have been sent out.
- Please note that tickets or packages documents can't be sent out by us earlier than 2 weeks prior to the
event because the promoters of the different races do not deliver them earlier. This means in some cases
we will send out the tickets 2 weeks before, and some races even before this.
- Once you have confirmed your order online, no refund can be made to either tickets or travel packages.

Delivery Information
- Tickets are sent by DHL. You will receive a tracking number by e-mail as soon as the package is
dispatched. Using this number you can locate your package at anytime.
- Tickets can also be on pick up basis. This means that you will simply have to collect them directly at the
event (we will provide all the details in the email).
- DHL highly encourage you to use your office address for the delivery.
- The shipping cost is based on your delivery address. The amount is automatically calculated when you
enter your country on the checkout page.

Insurance packages for cancellation, interruption of trip, lost luggage and medical expenses are available.
Premiums vary according to the Tour chosen.
Have a question? Call: +96176321111 or Email:

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